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Humidifiers & Furnace Filters

Using the proper filter is key to getting the most efficiency out of your system.

Humidifier Pads/Filters

Allied-Phillips can supply you with replacement humidifier filters and humidifier pads.

The Aprilaire® humidifier series is the line of choice, made to fit the Aprilaire whole house humidifiers.

Water Panel Evaporators are the heart of your humidifier and the component which generates the important humidity to keep you comfortable during the heating season. The water panel slides into the scale control insert and the water distribution tray sits on top of it to evenly deliver water to the water panel.

For the best performance, Aprilaire recommends that the Water Panel on most of their humidifiers be replaced once a year, either prior to the start or at the end of the heating season. (Aprilaire Model 400 should be changed twice during the heating season.)

The orientation of your Water Panel is important for maximum evaporation. Most Genuine Aprilaire Replacement Water Panels you purchase will have a paint dot or stripe on one of the short ends. This paint should be placed up, towards the water distribution tray, for proper operation. If your humidifier requires the #45 Water Panel, there will be no paint dot and the panel can be installed in either orientation.

Furnace Filters

Using the proper furnace filter is key to getting the most efficiency out of your heating and air conditioning system. And changing the furnace and air conditioning filter on a regular basis is an important part of maximizing your HVAC system's efficiency and longevity.

At Allied-Phillips, we recommend you install a whole house air cleaner to get the cleanest air possible, free of pollen, pet hair, dander, smoke and other allergens that can make it tough for people with allergies or asthma to breathe. We recommend the Aprilaire 5000 air cleaner and the Trane CleanEffects system. We can provide the high efficiency filtering media, (filter) which is the heart of your air cleaner. It will last from one to two years depending on the operation of your heating and/or air conditioning system.

If you don't have a whole house air cleaner, you'll need to check your furnace filter once a month. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installing the proper filter. An ill fitting filter can reduce the efficiency of your heating and air system, as well as allow more irritants to enter the air circulating through your house.

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