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Air Cleaning Products

Let Allied Phillips Make Your Home A Better Place To Breathe

How fresh is your indoor air? Do you need a whole house air cleaner? Will a humidifier help your house during the winter cold and flu season?

At Allied-Phillips, we not only provide expert heating and air conditioning installation and repair, but we can also provide you with top of the line air handlers, air cleaners and media filters, humidifiers and humidifier filters, furnace filters and thermostats.


Air Cleaners and Filtering Media

Whole house air cleaners are installed directly on the central forced air heating/cooling system of home. Do you start sneezing or get stuffed up when the furnace kicks on for the first time, or when the AC starts running non-stop? A whole house air cleaner may be the solution.

The ActivTek Induct 2000 utilizes ActivePure technology to substantially reduce odors, visible smoke and treat contamination's on surfaces. The Induct 2000 does this by delivering safe oxidizers and superoxide ions throughout your home. Destroy 99.9% of all surface bacteria, viruses and germs!


Read more about TRANE CleanEffects™.


Video on how to clean the Trane CleanEffects Whole-House Air Filtration



Winter air can mean dry nose, cracked lips, itchy skin and sore throats. Add in static electricity and cracked trim and molding. Why go through another winter with these problems when there is a solution – a whole house humidifier.


Humidifier and Furnace Filters

You'll always want to have a replacement humidifier filter on hand.
Allied-Phillips can supply you with replacement humidifier filters and humidifier pads.